Replacing our Windows - The Epic Story

In my last post, I wrote about moving furniture about in the house on account of our new nanny. It didn't stop there. I was on a roll! hahahaha I think it's better to make this post into a daily update form so it's easier to read

Jan 21, Wednesday
We bought mattresses for the kids' beds at SM Mall of Asia. We asked my dad to pick us up from there because he's the one with the van hahaha the kids were so excited to see him again :) Oh and I started with the kids' educational plans. I consider it my mom's legacy for my kids.

Jan 22, Thursday
Finally had time to install the curtain rod in the girls' room on the 3rd floor. The sun can get pretty intense in the afternoon so it's really great to have a curtain to give some shade as well as to catch all the dust in the air coming from the street.

I also got an estimate for the windows. We were thinking of upgrading from steel to aluminum since most of the windows were stuck anyway and can't be opened.

Jan 23, Friday
I got another estimate from Sharon and Jowell who used aluminum doors and windows for their internet shop. Their estimate was lower than what I got and can be discounted even further because they already had a working relationship with the owner. So, on the same day, they trooped to the house and started dismantling the windows. They started with the 3rd floor windows of our room. There were two of them in the room. They finished dismantling one and started on the second. At the same time, they were also finishing with the first one, to match the specifications of the window size. At the end of the day, we had one finished window, ready for its replacement and one window that needs to be cemented and fixed, ready for the next day's work.

Jan. 24, Saturday
They came early and started dismantling the second, much like what they did with the first. Finished with cement and they started dismantling the third set of windows on the 2nd floor. I was told that they will be installing the new windows the next day so Patrick and I didn't waste any time. I went to the store to buy paint and Patrick and I started painting after the kids went to sleep. That was around 10PM and we finished painting the room by 3am hahahaha

Jan. 25, Sunday
I was expecting that the replacement windows will be installed for the third floor set of windows but it didn't happen. We waited the whole day. In the end, since I was psyched anyway, I put a 2nd coating of paint on the room. But my clothes cabinet completely and totally broke down! I am finally living off luggage bags for the meantime! LOL

Jan. 26, Monday
I was told that this time the windows will be finished that they'll be able to deliver them and install them. We waited the whole day. I was getting antsy because I could sense that the windows were not finished being assembled for God knows what reason. I felt I was getting the round about. Jowell did bring one set of windows early in the evening but those couldn't be assembled yet. He was supposed to come back with the others but I told him to just bring them over tomorrow so that there'll be more time install.

Jan. 27, Tuesday
I was hoping that early morning they'll be here to finish the job. After all, more than enough time has passed. I was told that the truck that they were going to use broke down (yeah right) I couldn't believe it. I felt like all the excuses that they could come up with, they're bringing them all out. At this point, I was really pissed off. They finally came at 2pm (but I believe they used Jowell's car to bring the windows). They worked on installing them and by 6pm they were done. At last! When they left, we set to work on cleaning up and fixing the remaining furniture.

Jan. 28, Wednesday
Patrick and I were so excited with the new windows, we went to Divisoria to buy roller blinds. Unfortunately, they were still too expensive at P140/sq. ft. - the windows were going to cost us P2300+ each (and we needed three!) So, we settled with buying curtain rods and curtains instead. The curtain rods cost us P235 each, the curtains at P100 each hahaha

It was a good trip to Divisoria, it was the first time that Patrick and I went out together without the kids hahahaha So many clothes (I bought a few), was able to buy Den her Chuck Taylor's (which she had been angling to get since Christmas), Dana new jeans and watches for the kids (including Den) :)

Up to now, we haven't had a chance to put these curtains yet LOL So stay tuned for more updates :)


  1. well i was about to tell you to migrate to linux after readin the title lol.
    good post.. hope to catch ya again on the epic story of putting up the curtains haha :D

  2. Hi Mantiz,

    The epic story continues on another post hahaha Watch out, I'm sure there's more to come :)

    Thanks for always dropping by :)



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