A Hectic Pre-Christmas Weekend

It looks like we've been very busy for the past few weeks but it's really only during the weekend that we have time go out. It's also the only time to shop for Christmas dinner without having to face the hordes of people in the supermarket when it gets near Christmas eve.

Anyway, we went back to Mall of Asia (looks to me like it's our favorite mall hahaha) but really it's only because it's big and even with a lot of people around, there's still space to freely walk around.

We bought gifts for the kids again :) They're really spoiled this Christmas! :) an gifts for Den too. Funny enough there was a sale on wedding rings but we only looked around because they were still too expensive even though they're already on sale hahahaha It was just like a hint to us to really go through with it LOL

As a treat to ourselves (well more for Patrick and I), we ate at TGI Friday's. I can't believe how expensive they've become but the food we ordered was absolutely delicious! hahaha we were told that the servings were good for 3 people. We each finished our orders by ourselves - no sharing!! what does that say about our appetites hahahahah but really, it was really good.. more so than the food at Hooters hahahaha

I had the Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp while Patrick had the Jack Daniel's Porkchops. Dana had the Fried Macaroni and Cheese and a Strawberry Milkshake. The food came with corn, mashed potatoes or rice pilaf and bottomless drinks. Dylan loved the corn! By the time we were finished, we needed to be rolled out with a wagon because we were so full! :)

After that we met Den near the Fireworks area. She was coming from a jaunt at the Star City with her friends.

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