Another trip to SM Mall of Asia

We sure love going to Mall of Asia. What we like about it, is though it's a bit far compared to the malls beside us, it's so huge that even with a lot of people shopping, you're not going to feel claustrophobic. There are a number of our favorite restaurants, like Don Henrico's where we had lunch on Saturday (coincidentally, it was kind of a belated 14th anniversary outing). Oh, and if we haven't mentioned it, Patrick and I are planning on getting married next year hahahaha

Well, the first item on my list was getting to Picture City where they have a 10+3 promo. For every 10 pictures you develop, you get 3 additional pictures free. So I prepared the pictures we needed to print on a CD and when we got there, we asked for 260 pictures printed ! LOL that's a lot of backlog from our library LOL We also found out that they even give away free 8x10 pictures for every 50+15 pictures. So we got 4 free 8x10's from them hahahaha Not bad, eh?

Oh and before I forget, we stayed until 11pm because they extended their shopping hours till 12MN!! We ate at our favorite Italian restaurant (Don Henrico's) for lunch. We had Al Pesto Pasta (Patrick thought it should've been called "Al Garlic" because it was too garlicky for his taste) and Extreme Mushroom Pizza and Fish and Chips! We then roamed the mall for bargains. Patrick bought 2 Krispy Kreme coffee thermos jugs, one for himself at work and the other to give for his Christmas Kringle buddy. We bought the kids new shoes (again!), bought a pair of shoes for me and gifts to give the young nieces and nephews :) We passed the local hardware store (kinda like Home Depot) and I wanted to buy so many things for the house because they were all on sale ! LOL But I only ended up buying 3 different screws for the new speakers LOL

Den joined us in the afternoon (she had practice for her PE Dance Class) and it took her 1 and a half hours to get there because of traffic! I was kinda worried because she gets carsick. Good thing she didn't throw up LOL

We ate dinner at Hooters Manila (yes, we have one!). Patrick was certainly enjoying himself. It was way too expensive for a regular dinner though. I had the Grilled Chicken Salad, Patrick had the Onion Rings and Den had the Swiss Mushroom burger (in this photo). I think it was also a little bland, unless they didn't change their recipe to fit the Manila taste. Or maybe, it's really bland but guy customers don't really notice because they're too busy ogling the girls !! LOL

It's still okay for the family, they did give Dana something to occupy her time although you can't tell in this picture LOL. I'm not bothered by their skimpy outfit, coz it wasn't so skimpy anyway. Den even liked their shirts hahahaha But I'm sure there are conservative people out there who will most likely find something objectionable about it LOL

You can appreciate it's location though because it's right by the bay so you can walk along the quayside after a hefty dinner and feel the breeze :) I guess I just didn't like the fact that they didn't even ask if I was finished eating when they started clearing up our table. And they took so long to give you back your change. My kids and I went out after we were finished, leaving Patrick to pay the bill. We were waiting for him for more than 15 minutes before he came out. It turned me off. They worked so fast to clear your table and then took so long to give you back your change, what was that??!

On to the next stop! :) We had a bit of trouble going home as there were no taxis around and the line was horrendously long. In the end, I didn't want to wait because I wanted the kids to be able to rest so we paid P450 for a serviced taxi. They were asking for P550 but that was already too much because the regular fare was only around P150. In the end, maybe they took pity on us and gave us a discount. But at least we got home faster than those people waiting in line, probably far longer than us.

Patrick and I couldn't wait to set up the rear speakers. We didn't sleep when we bought the TV and the DVD player because it's hard to set it up when the kids are awake LOL This time, we woke up early to set up the speakers and we tried Jurassic Park with it and we had a blast!! woohoo!! hahahaha


  1. looks like you people had a lot of fun!

    just stoppin by to say Happy Hols.. enjoy! :)

  2. Hi Mantiz.. we sure did have a lot of fun.. Happy Holidays to you too! :) thanks for visiting ! :)


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