Scary night!

Last night, everything was just normal. We had dinner, the kids were playing and everyone was doing their own thing.

At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I felt like the lights were flickering. I didn't mind it at first. And then while Den was in the kitchen washing the dishes, she also noticed that they were flickering. So now, I was taking note of the interval between the flickerings (is there such a word?) just to check if it's not just a fluctuation in power.

Well, it happened again and this time, there was a "buzzing" sound from the circuit breaker. I was getting nervous now because, for sure, that wasn't a good sign. I asked Den to go downstairs and ask my uncle to check on our breakers because even if I looked and looked I wouldn't even know what I'm looking at LOL much less know what I'm supposed to do. Unfortunately, he was out.

So, I was really panicking now. The intervals were getting closer now (wow, like contractions in pregnancy!) until everything went pitch black, but the power was trying to come back on. I asked Patrick to just turn the breaker off. We didn't want to risk a fire.

It was then that we thought about the light switch in our bedroom which gets wet every time it rains. It was turned on last night so maybe there was already some short circuit going on which caused the circuit breaker to get hot. We turned it off and then turned the power back on. Thank God no more flickering. But, as a precaution, we unplugged the ref, the computers, the entertainment systems, the microwave.

An electrician arrived in the morning but the flickering never returned. What the electrician did was try to fix the sockets in Den's room which for some reason, lost all their power (this wasn't related to the flickering). He was also supposed to fix the light socket in our room. That's scheduled for tomorrow.

Wish me luck that we'll have this figured out soon! :)

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