Dana's Artwork #2

I'm sure that when we were kids we used to occupy our time coloring pages and pages of these coloring books. It was fun and it was educational as well. This is a sample of Dana's recent coloring activity.

I was really surprised because she has a different technique than when I did when I was young. I remember I just used one color to fill in the outlines and I stuck with the color of the picture.. like I'd color a flower red, leaves green and so on.. So, it was refreshing to see her do this on her own and it's really quite lovely, if I do say so myself LOL


  1. She sure is creative. I mean, I would have colored it as it should be... like you said, green for the leaves and red for the flowers :)

  2. Nessa,

    I think she got the idea when her Ate Den (her cousin of 17 years) did the same technique in her coloring book :)


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