Tooth update (I really hate this you know!)

Okay for my loyal fans (ehmm... readers) haha I hereby give you an update on what's going on with my tooth and inflamed cheek ...

for those who want the short version - here it is: it needs to be extracted!! oh what a joy! NOOOOTTTT!!!

for those who want the nitty gritty details, read on:

After much searching for a trustworthy dentist, I finally reached my cousin (Father Ray thank you so much mwah!!) who referred me to his friend (Dra. Fe), who also happens to have a clinic near our place. I was only going to ask for her clinic hours when we already discussed my problems over the phone (which is great because it's free!) At least I now have some professional opinion of what I have and what I should really be doing about it.

She suggested I change the antibiotic that I was drinking because it isn't strong enough to fight the infection. I also need to keep rinsing my mouth with antibacterial mouthwash or water with salt (which is more natural). If pain persists, there's always the reliable painkiller. After taking the Augmentin, and as soon as the swelling goes down, I'm due for a tooth extraction.. oh no! I hate that part..

You know why? When I was in high school, the same thing happened to me, my tooth cracked from biting an apple (this was a molar). When I went to the dentist, I was told that the only option was to have it extracted.. okay.. so I had no choice, sitting at the chair, it was like being on the electric chair and you're just waiting to die.. melodramatic but true. after those anesthetic injections they started to remove the tooth. Well, surprise, surprise, they can't remove it.. it was too anchored!!! The dentist had to have his assistant (a huge man) hold onto my head, because he felt the jaw giving way (we have a history of locked jaw in our family)

So if you can imagine that - two men, one holding a set of pliers pulling on my tooth, the other holding on to my head for dear life hahahha it was just too funny.. and then after much pulling and sweating (yes, sweating!) the tooth was out.. it had 3 roots!!! that's why it was so hard to remove!! my tooth was a mutant!!! run for your life!!! hahahha

That's why I'm nervous about this tooth extraction. It's the same area as the one I described only in the opposite side of the mouth.. when the one before was on the left, this new one is on the right..

I need a gallon of ice cream for this one!!


  1. wow a mutant tooth! couldnt you post a photo?
    okay... maybe not!
    I have an aching tooth too.. one on each side, both up and down lol
    and i'm not gonna go the dentist to get all four of them pulled out! *shock *faint!

  2. Ha.. I wish I took a photo then :) with me, there's no other option but extraction.. but you should still see a dentist, maybe that's not your only option :)


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