An awful weekend

Again, I've had such a mean weekend. Last Saturday night, my tooth started aching all over again, after I thought that the pain has subsided. This time, it's back with a vengeance!!!

The pain was so intense I wasn't able to sleep, even after drinking 4 caplets of Tylenol.. and that's when I knew that it was worse than ever before!!

The next morning, I took Ponstan coz I remember my mom and aunts telling me that's what they used if they have toothaches.. so I drank it, and for a while the pain subsided, but at the same time, it blew up my cheeks!! or maybe it was because of the irritation or infection..

Whatever, my right cheek is still "deformed" and my kids call me a "monster" hahaha

Now, its Tuesday morning and the swelling hasn't subsided, looks like I have to go to the dentist for a check-up (duh?!) I should've gone last Sunday!! but like most Filipinos, we try to tolerate the pain as much as we can until we can't stand it and that's the only time we go to the dentist or doctor..

I did check and their symptom checker to see what I may have.. it's pretty helpful.. thanks to my brother for pointing me this way..

I hope what this is is nothing serious... I'm scared of dentists..

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