Poignant Balikbayan boxes

Today is March 5, 2008 and I feel very sad. 2 Balikbayan boxes were just delivered to our doorstep - these are the last boxes that my mom ever sent.. she sent them before she was killed in a car accident in California, USA. For those of you who don't know, she was hit by a Toyota Tacoma last February 07 around 7pm (PST).

Anyway, it's so bittersweet going through the things that she placed in the boxes. There were a number of sweatshirts for Patrick.. a Darth Vader watch for him too (must be a birthday gift!), clothes for Dana, briefs for Dylan, a bag and toiletries for Den, some clothes for me and a lot of groceries for us.. she didn't even forget medicines for my aunts..

I can just imagine her putting all the stuff in and what she might be saying while she was organizing them :)

This routine with the balikbayan boxes is just one of the many things that I will miss about her.

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