COVID-19 Chronicles: September is Dylan's preparation time for his Online Classes

2020 September

One of the highlights during this month was Dylan getting this Cherry Mobile Magnum 10 tablet from the City of Manila, thru Mayor Isko Moreno.  

All currently enrolled students in public schools in Manila will get one, including a SIM with 10GB of Data.  We received a Globe SIM Card but I don't know if everyone did.

Anyway, more of that in the post so just read on :)

Before we get to Dylan's preparations, in the last week of August, one of the cats in our compound gave birth in our house.  I didn't get a good picture of them because the Mother Cat hid them in one of the rooms but we could definitely hear the little meows.  When she eventually brought them out, we transferred them to this small basket, all 5 of them squished there immediately :)

Meanwhile, back to Dylan.  Remember, in March, we were supposed to visit Dylan's doctor for his annual developmental check-up?  Well, that had been put on hold until this September 19 when we were finaly able to secure an appointment with her. And good news, we didn't have to travel to Quezon City to physically be there because she had adapted to the new normal and was doing sessions online too! :)

Dylan was naturally excited and he did well with the tasks she asked him to perform.  He was a bit shy at first but he soon became more relaxed.  In the end, his Occupational Therapy was no longer needed because he seemed to be doing well and was able to behave normally.  That was good to hear but I was sad that we had to stop our sessions with Teacher KC.   I informed them immediately so that our slot can be given to others who may need it.  If you're looking for an Occupational Therapy center, check out my post about Trails Center.

In preparation for Dylan's new school year, his new Teacher, Teacher Coleen messaged everyone thru our Group Chat on Messenger that the new modules/educational packets were ready to be picked up at school.  So, on September 21, I walked almost 2 kilometers to get to the school before 7AM to avoid the crowds.  I preferred to walk rather than ride public transportation because I was still afraid of COVID-19.

I reached the school within 15 minutes and there were already quite a few parents waiting outside.  Social Distancing was in practice so that was good.  :)  I got Dylan's packets and went straight home.  Thanks to all the Teachers who were there and to the school personnel manning the gates.

On September 25, I returned to Dylan's school, this time to get the Cherry Mobile Magnum 10 Tablet that was "given" by the City of Manila.  It isn't exactly a gift because it wasn't yours to own.  Dylan has to return it when he's no longer in school.   

As usual, I walked the 2 kilometers to get to school in complete COVID-19 attire haha Now, everyone is required to wear a Face Mask and a Face Shield when in public places, particularly when around crowds.  It's tough to hear anything because sound is trapped within the shield but I feel secure :)

Despite arriving early,  the line for the first step in the claiming process is already long.  I think I was in the 11th place at this point.  We were all asked to sign an Affidavit of Undertaking for the tablet, which signified our responsibility to take care of the table while in our possession.  

We had to undergo several steps to get our tablets.  

Step 1:  Checking of Names in the Masterlist - if the student is currently enrolled and in the system
Step 2:  Validation of Address - if the student is indeed a resident of Manila
Step 3:  Verifying of Documents - submitting proof of identity of student and parent/guardian
Step 4:  Submission of Affidavit of Undertaking
Step 5:  Signing of Tablet Matrix and Releasing of Tablet
Step 6:  Signing of SIM Matrix and Releasing of SIM

It took about an hour to finally finish with the whole process and get home.  The tablets also came with a SIM Card with 10GB worth of Data which we got earlier when we got his educational packets.  Thus, I skipped Step 6.  This internet credit is said to be re-loaded every month with the same amount for the students' continuous online classes.   So here is the tablet :) Thank you Yorme!  

Once, I've plugged in the SIM, the tablet was pretty much ready to go.  Dylan couldn't wait to try it :)

Finally, the kittens are growing and here they are in my plants :)  Two of them went to my niece, Den, because we couldn't really take care of all five of them :)

We'll see how these tablets will fare once their online classes begin.  I'm more concerned with how the Internet will be since we're using the Data Load for the tablet.  I'll keep you updated!  Stay tuned!

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