Super enjoyable haircut experience at Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut, SM City Manila

02 May 2017

This was our first time at Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut in SM City Manila.  We were actually looking for a salon because Dylan needed a haircut and we simply chanced upon Kaizen while strolling around the mall.  Little did we know how much of an enjoyable haircut experience we were to have....

One of the things that was on our agenda for today was a haircut for Dylan.  I wasn't sure where we would take him so we were really just looking around to see what's available.  We saw a new hair salon as we were walking.  Funny enough, their retail space was where a kiddie hair salon once was.

Here are the reasons why we were initially attracted to and finally decided to try Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut.
  • We were attracted to Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut because it was new, We just found out that Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut opened last April 21, 2017 at the 5th Floor of SM City Manila.
  • "10 minute Haircut" - Naturally, we were curious about this tag.    
  • The salon was bright and clean.
  • Also, check this out! Now, who wouldn't want to try this salon out once you read this list? ;)

So, we walked in and we were greeted warmly and pleasantly which we all appreciated.  The interiors had a minimalist style and everything looked organized. The sterilizers (for their tools) are those that look like microwave ovens.  :)  They're actually UV Light Boxes.  

They also had photo albums of different hairstyles for men and women so it's easy to tell your hairstylist the kind of cut that you want.  The atmosphere at Kaizen made it easy for me to discuss the cut that I wanted based on the styles that were in the book.

Since it was Dylan who really needed the hair cut, he was attended to first.  He was introduced to his hairstylist, Kuya Jobert, who made him feel at ease immediately.  We then discussed what style Dylan should go for :) Eventually, we ended up with a short, spiky cut :) I have to give props to Kuya Jobert because he was very meticulous with Dylan's cut even though they're supposed to give you a 10-minute hair cut :)  Dylan was given the comb that was used for his hair, hence the FREE comb.  :) Oh and the "air-wash cleaned" term meant they used a "vaccuum cleaner to suck out all excess hair that stubbornly sticks to your neck (mostly).  

I was also convinced to get a new summer look! haha I'm weak with sales talks haha

When I was done, Dana, who at first didn't want to cut her hair, now decided that she also wanted a change of hair style. 

We looked through the photos and she decided on a layered hairstyle.  Kuya Vic was assigned to her and he also educated us about how to take care of her hair - like, how NOT to cause too much friction on the ends while combing or brushing to avoid causing split ends; how NOT to comb the hair while it's wet but to let it air dry a little; and to use leave-on conditioner to protect the hair.

I marvel at Kuya Vic's tenacity with Dana's hair.  He was also meticulous with the sections to give Dana's hair flawless layers, particularly because her hair is wavy.  The hair had to be blown dry to accurately check the layers, which Dana appreciated immensely because for once she wasn't curly haha

Each hair cut cost P150 to be paid directly to the hairstylist.  Since Dana's and my hairs were blown dry, we each paid an additional P100.

Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut has over 70 locations and this is the first in the Philippines! :) We're pretty lucky to be one of the first customers :) Thanks!!

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