Cheetos Quesadilla, A Surprise Reunion and Winning a Desk Fan in Shopwise

30 November 2016

Ever since we all saw the Cheetos Quesadilla teaser ad from Taco Bell on Facebook, we all wanted to try it out.  Who wouldn't?  It's got Cheetos, Cheese, and our favorite Quesadilla!  So, when we planned to do our Christmas shopping in Cubao, particularly in Shopwise, we immediately put Cheetos Quesadillas on the agenda since there was a Taco Bell in Gateway Cubao! :)

It was a pretty serendipitous day as I also found out that an old friend was in the area and we were able to meet up after a long time of not seeing each other :) And in Cubao of all places! haha

We also won a 12" Desk Fan from Shopwise and we didn't even know why and how?!

So we got to Cubao and in Taco Bell around 1PM, quite the right time since the lunch crowd has finished and we were able to get seats immediately.  Dylan and I were so excited to finally be able to taste the Cheetos Quesadilla :)

 The meal came with a drink and nachos and you can actually see the Cheetos peeking out of the quesadilla :)  The Cheetos give the quesadilla a lot of crunch but you have to eat it fast or else the cheetos will get soft.  The cheesy flavor plus the spicy heat of the Cheetos really give quite a punch to this dish :)  We loved it! :)

We also ordered their new dessert - Chocodilla with Nutella because we love Nutella!!! It was just a small quesadilla, probably half the size of a regular quesadilla, which for P49 each should have clued us in :)  It was still good!  The chocolate dip in the picture came with the churros, another dessert we ordered :)

After our lunch at Taco Bell, we met my friend Rey who was at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center Hotel for an event.  Of all the places for us to meet accidentally, I never thought we'd see each other again in Cubao.  He's always jetsetting between Cebu, Manila and abroad and it seemed really lucky that we were at the same place at the same time :)

We chatted at the Novotel Gourmet Bar and the kids had a blast with their chocolate milk shakes :)

Also, if you look closely at the person behind us, who could it be but our current Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay! :)  We were embarrassed to go closer and ask for a selfie with him hehe

Anyway, when we went our separate ways, we headed to Shopwise across the street to commence with our shopping :) We also wanted to take advantage of the Pre-Christmas sale because we do love their bargains.

As we were paying for our groceries, the cashier told us that we won a 12" Desk Fan!  We were so surprised because we hardly ever win at anything and we didn't even join any contests.  Apparently, Shopwise had an on-going promo, as pictured below.

So, Patrick and I were laughing when they announced my name over the loud speaker hahaha We went over to their Customer Service counter to claim the fan and they just handed it over with "Congratulations" :)  Thanks Shopwise!! We love you! :)

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