After-dinner desserts at Cafe Mary Grace in Robinsons Manila

25 June 2016

After a satisfying early dinner at Erra's Vest Ramen in Malate, we went back to Robinsons Manila because that was where we parked the car.  We went around the mall for a while, trying to walk off a sumptuous meal =)  We weren't aiming for anything in particular but we all came to stop when we reached the Cafe Mary Grace area.  Dylan, Patrick and I have tried their desserts when my friends and I met up one time in Makati.  Now, Dana was with us and we wanted to share the experience with her as well.

We came at just the right time.  There were seats available and we were able to settle in comfortably.  Dana couldn't decide what she wanted to order, agonizing over the cakes and the fruit shakes.  She finally decided on a Strawberry Shortcake (as she was inspired by Honey Senpai from the anime Ouran High School Host Club) and a Capuccino.  While waiting, we took a couple of selfies :D

Dana's Capuccino - P114
Dana's Strawberry Shortcake - P220
I ordered the same desserts as before because I simply loved the taste and wanted more, so here are my Cheesecake and Latte combination =) The cheesecake was so rich and flavorful and of course, the coffee was a perfect foil :)

Latte - P110
Cheesecake - P160
Dylan wanted to try the ensaymada but thought he may not be able to finish it so he settled for a couple of brownie slices which were perfect for him.  It was funny because when they were served, he asked, "Mama, why do I have flour on my plate?" haha We told him it was confectioner's sugar :)

Dylan's brownies @P28/slice
Patrick went for a Strawberry shake.  When it was brought to the table, the aroma of the strawberries wafted through our nostrils haha Delicious!! :)  However, as he was halfway through his drink a fly had the misfortune of dropping into it and getting trapped in it!! We immediately called the attention of our server, Edward, and he whisked it off and came over a few minutes later with a new one! Now, that's service! :)

Patrick's Strawberry Shake - P170
Everyone was so full after that we wanted to just relax for a bit but there were customers waiting to be seated so we left.  We loved Edward our server because he was all smiles and enthusiastic! Good Job!! :)

Thanks to Joyce for this treat!! :)

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