Meet and Greet with Joe Inoue at the Quezon City Parks and Wildlife Center

07 May 2016

The best way to be on "stalker mode" with your favorite celebrity is to set their posts to "see first" on your News Feed on Facebook.  Since we saw Joe Inoue at the Nihonggo Festival last February (related post here), Dana and I have taken to keeping updated with his meet and greet events for fans.  We were excited when we saw him post that he was in the Philippines and will be at the Quezon City Parks and Wildlife Center (he originally posted that the venue was to be at the Quezon Memorial Circle).  This was so doable since it was pretty accessible and we made sure that we'd make it.

After having lunch at Rodic's in UP (yes, we couldn't resist), we went directly to the Quezon City Parks and Wildlife Center.  The time for the meet and greet was 2PM but we got there around 3PM and I was apprehensive that the event will be over by the time we reached the venue.  It was quite a walk from the entrance to the Tea House area and we were so lucky that they were still there.  It's nice that he picked to meet up here because it was pretty quiet and refreshing.  It's been quite a while since we came here and it's good to see that the place has been maintained.

We saw Joe surrounded by his fans and at first Dana was shy to approach the group.  But with some prodding, we went closer and got a chance to take a picture with him.  It was very informal and Joe was really cool with posing for pictures and signing autographs.  There were plenty of hilarious conversations and Joe was very accommodating with his fans, even posing for a "Fusion" photo with a group :)

So, one highlight of the meet and greet was Joe and his fans recording a "Best Japanese Lesson in the Galaxy" segment for his YouTube channel.  Here is the final outcome as posted on his channel.

The fans also challenged him to do a Running Man dance which he willingly obliged to with the help of his fans.  This is the uncut version which I shot.  The final version can be found here (for some reason I can't upload it directly).

It was a Sugoi day! Joe Sensei was Saikou!! Thanks Joe!! :)