Trying out the Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken restaurant along A. H. Lacson Street

02 November 2015

Today was not a holiday even though the country was commemorating All Souls' Day.  Dana's school though made it a holiday so she didn't have to return to school until tomorrow.  It was a regular day spent doing household chores.  I should have gone to the cemetery to visit my Mom but as she is buried in the US, I couldn't and just thought about her during the day, as I always do.

But time really flies when you're doing something and then it was evening and we didn't have anything to eat.  Patrick suggested we try out the Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken restaurant along our street.  We passed it before on our way home one time and we were intrigued because it was new.
We arrived at the restaurant after a five minute drive, it was really close about a couple of blocks away from our home.  We were met at the parking by a smiling guard :) It was nice :)  As we entered we noticed how bright and clean the place was.  The restaurant only had 4 high tables (2x4 and 2x2).  We were seated immediately and were given the menus (too bad I wasn't able to take a pic of it).  We ordered our respective choices:  Fried Chicken and rice for Dana, Chinese Kikiam and rice for Patrick and Chicken noodles for Dylan and me.  From where we sat, we can easily see how they prepared the food.

Those bowls are for our chicken noodles
Preparing the ice shavings for the gulaman
There goes the soup for our noodles
As we waited, I felt cold and Patrick had to get a jacket from the car for me.  Patrick and Dana really liked the cold! :D  And then after a short while, they delivered the food!

Fried Chicken and rice = P110
Kikiam with rice = P88
Chicken noodles = P88
Gulaman and Sago = P38
Soup to go with the Fried Chicken and Kikiam orders
 So here's the verdict.

Dana loved the fried chicken.  There were 3 pieces of chicken, very crispy and flavorful.  It tasted like Savory chicken (I bit into the wing).  The rice was also a hefty serving.  The chicken had its own sauce and some atsara (pickled veggies).

Dylan and I enjoyed our chicken noodles.  It was a deep bowl with lots of chicken.  There was also spicy chili garlic sauce on hand if you want to add a bit of zing to your bowl.  It was a unique flavor, not like Ma Mon Luk, not like Masuki, but very Chinese.  It was really good and filling!  Each chicken slice was about 2 inches thick and 2 inches wide and there were a lot of them!

Patrick's Kikiam came with its own sweet and sour sauce and he said it was crispy outside but juicy inside.  It's quite comparable to the Savory kikiam we usually order.

We loved the food.  The price was appropriate for the serving and the flavor of the dishes that we ordered.  Some may consider it to be slightly expensive but if you consider how good the food is, it's worth it. Oh and while we were eating, more customers came in.  One ordered the Fresh Lumpia and we saw how they made it, so maybe there's another trip in the near future for us :)

Based on Google Maps, you can find Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken at 785 A.H. Lacson Avenue cor. S.H. Loyola Street Sampaloc, Manila with contact number:  (02) 241 7996.

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