New Remote Controller from Fukuda Factory Outlet and Repair Center

Last Sunday, we decided to take a trip to Cubao and finally visit the Fukuda Factory Outlet and Repair Center near Farmers Market and get the replacement DVD remote controller I ordered about two weeks ago.  I figured since Dana and I were headed to the Rak of Aegis musical later, we can make the most out of the day.

I learned about the Fukuda Factory Outlet and Repair Center, conveniently enough, through Google and then Facebook.  I used their FB Page to send them an inquiry about the availability of the remote control and to my surprise (yes, surprise because in my experience, sometimes it takes a long time for a representative to reply via message), they responded quite promptly, 17 minutes later.

After that, we communicated via FB Chat where they asked for my contact details and I provided the serial number of my DVD player.

Later on, they called via landline to inform me that my remote control unit is available and ready for pickup.  They did offer to ship it for free which is great, but going to Cubao is not a problem anyway so I chose not to.

So today, we all went to Cubao.  We went to the Farmers Market (Cubao was our shopping district when I was younger so I was quite familiar with it) and it was along Session Road near the Fish Market.  It was a small shop with some appliances on display.  The sales staff was very accommodating.  I got my remote control in under 10 minutes. :)

This experience with the Fukuda Factory Outlet and Repair Center is something that I want from all after-sales Customer Service departments - Prompt, Professional, Pleasant.

Great Job!  :)

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