Food: Used OpenSnap to search for Yoshinoya in Glorietta #ShareSnap

Last August 9, we all went to Glorietta to visit the Camerahaus branch so that they can check the Fuji camera that Patrick won as a prize.  We thought at first that the memory card was at fault but we already had it replaced twice, so maybe it was the camera that had a problem.  But it turned out that it was the memory card – for some reason, it required a 32GB memory card for it to work, we only used a 16GB.  So, Patrick was very happy to have got it right this time.

At first, we were getting really stressed when the day started because the kids were taking too long getting ready and then when we reached Glorietta, Dana’s shoe broke and she had to keep dragging it across the floor to be able to walk and finally having to buy her new shoes at Bench (it was the closest).  I thought the day was getting too stressful. 

But after the camera got fixed (though it wasn’t really broken), it was time for lunch and we weren’t familiar with the dining choices in Glorietta (we haven’t been back in a long time) so it was a good thing we have the OpenSnap app on our phones.  Rather than having to find a customer service desk to ask for food choices or even having to go looking for a directory just to view the list of restaurants, this app allowed us to view all the available restaurants and dining choices in Makati.  We can even search by restaurant name for a more specialized search. 

Since it was raining that day, we wanted something cozy and soothing. The closest restaurant that fulfilled our needs was Yoshinoya and it was great because we haven’t tried it before.  I liked that it was bright and airy and at that time, there were still a lot of seats available.  We all had ramen, Chashu and Chicken, and some California maki.  We liked the green tea beverage that came with the dish.  I also have to mention that I liked their bathroom because it had a bidet, was huge and was clean. We all felt rejuvenated after our meal.  :)

Thanks to OpenSnap for helping us find the restaurant so fast :)

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

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