First time at CaliBurger Timog

February 02, 2015

We ended up eating at CaliBurger Timog when our earlier trip to St. Peter's Crematorium went bust.  Patrick's Uncle Rolly died and was cremated at around 7PM but we were only able to leave the house at 7PM due to Stanley's color coding.  By the time we got there, everyone was gone.

We decided to have dinner before going home and Patrick drove us to CaliBurger Timog.

From the front, you would think that there isn't enough parking but they do, only it was located at the back.  But the restaurant has a back door so you can conveniently get in.

We all love the bright and cheery interior.  To me, they designed it with the appropriate sunny, beach theme with matching cool colors :) The "egg" light at our table (picture below) didn't change colors but there was a table with one that DID! :) It was awesome haha We wondered if there was a setting that made it so hehehe

Floor tile
The Bar-type setup near the counter
The back area (the back door at the end)
Dylan loved the "egg" light
After ordering, we settled in at our seats which were quite comfortable.  Something different though.  They gave us this button-like apparatus which says, "Please pick up your order at the Claim Counter when I light up and buzz.  Thank You".  It's really cool and a better alternative to people shouting your names.

On standby
Buzzing/Vibrating and Lit Up
When the buzz/light thing activated, Patrick proceeded to claim our food at the counter.  Excited to try everything we eagerly waited.  Patrick had the cheeseburger meal (P275) which comes with a serving of fries and unlimited drinks.  Dylan and I shared a hamburger meal (P245) with its fries and unlimited drinks. Dana only had Onion Rings (P50) because she was still full.  The Onion Rings had rosemary in it so that was different from the regular ones.  I liked the distinct aroma of the rosemary :)

Fries and Onion Rings
The Hamburger
Fries, Catsup and Mustard
The Menu (sorry it got cut)
It was a filling dinner and Patrick really enjoyed the unlimited refills :)  My only complaint was we almost got stuck in the restroom LOL Their door (and lock) was tricky and was tough to manage.  At least their restroom was clean hahahha

I guess, it's a bit pricey for the average consumer but if you have money to spare for good and filling food, a clean and bright dining environment and helpful staff then you may want to give Caliburger a try. It's located at 118 Timog Avenue, across GMA Network Center.  

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