Photo Shoot for Smart Parenting magazine

January 25, 2013

Aside from the start of regular classes for the year and the usual excitement at having your favorite TV shows returning after their break, one milestone that started this year was the experience of being the "star" of a photo shoot for Smart Parenting magazine.

You see, last year, I participated in an interview for the magazine regarding stay-at-home moms.  It was all done via email (as is the case nowadays) so I didn't think much of it afterwards except maybe to wonder when the issue will be released so I can get a copy.  Well, I was surprised when I got a call from them scheduling a convenient time for the photo shoot for the magazine.  What was even more mind-boggling was they wanted to shoot it here at home! haha That gave me a panic attack because our house is honestly, not magazine material! hahahaha So, the schedule was for January 25 and I spent almost a week getting the house in top shape.

The first to arrive that afternoon was the make-up artist Jeff Robles.  I didn't know what to expect really as I've never had the privilege nor the luxury of being made up by a professional makeup artist so it was a real treat to meet Jeff.  He was easy to talk to, made me feel comfortable and was very light with his hands.  It took more than an hour to complete my look.  Whether it's because I was ugly hahaha or he was very meticulous, the bottom line was I looked good!  Of course, I can't show you pictures that will appear in the magazine but we did take our own pictures after the photo shoot.

While Jeff was putting on my makeup, the photographer, Mark Chester Ang, and his team arrived.  Our living room started to get smaller and smaller since their equipment was bulky and large :)  They set up as they waited for me to be finished.  Dana also had her first experience with a straightening iron which she adored because for the first time she wasn't curly! LOL

So, there it went... picture here, picture there.... some props here and some props there.. until it was done! I wish now that there was someone else with me to document the whole experience haha

Anyway, when they all left, Dana, Dylan and I had fun taking photos of each other!! Here are the results!

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