Kids: Another baptism, this time in Silang, Tagaytay

May 12, 2012

I take to heart whenever someone invites me personally to a gathering.  To me, when you're personally invited, it means that the person doing the inviting deems you important and valuable enough and sincerely wants you to be there.  If you think about it, especially now with emails and texts, it's easy enough to send out invites.  Personal invites just bears more weight to me, that's all..

So, when my friend John sent a message on FB, sent a text to my phone and still called me up to personally invite me to his daughter's baptism, I knew I couldn't turn him down.  It didn't matter that it was in Silang, Cavite which was really far :)  The trip took longer than we planned and we got lost somewhere along the way hehehe but it was an adventure and we loved it! :D

Finally we got to the venue and were welcomed so warmly :D  After feasting on the good food that was laid out, the kids couldn't wait to try out the swimming pool.  It was Tracy's first outing after her baptism so it was also a milestone for her.

Couldn't resist posting this because Dana looked so funny!

Both wearing plaid.. :D

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