Dylan's UN Day

In celebration of United Nations Day, most schools in the country hold extra-curricular activities for the kids to enjoy.  One such example is dressing up in costumes for UN Day.  This time, Dylan  was assigned "Germany" as his country.

It is at this point that I appreciate living in Sampaloc haha because our house is so near Quiapo where you can get the costumes for most countries in a snap.  I never thought of looking for costumes at the malls because they simply would be too expensive and not all countries are represented anyway.

Patrick and I dropped by Echague Street, now Carlos Palanca in Quiapo, very near the Quinta Market and just before the famous Excelente Ham store :)  There were a lot of parents and kids trying on their respective costumes too.  It was a madhouse! :)

It was hot.  It was tight.  But we persevere because we needed to!  In the end, we were able to buy Dylan his Germany costume.  I was thinking it would be like a lederhosen or something hehhe  The store also had flags to complement the outfit but we got Dylan's Germany flag when we went to the Philippine-Germany expo in Bonifacio High Street a week before hahaha nice timing, actually!

They held a parade around the streets of Sampaloc, sporting their costumes and waving their flags!

When they reached the venue for their program, the kids were tired and sweaty but still had a lot of enthusiasm!  There were some dance numbers and other activities, but for me, the highlight of the program was when Dylan went on stage and recited his spiel.  We practiced it for a long time and I'm so proud of him!

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