After the AAP Caravan - Overnight stay at the MC Mountain Home Apartelle

November 27-28, 2010

If you've read the previous posts, you'll know that we have had a busy and tiring day because of the 2nd AAP Caravan.  Starting at 4am wake-up time to around 8PM when the tour ended, that's roughly 16 hours of activity hahaha The thing was, I didn't want to risk going home when we're that tired, especially for Patrick who was doing most of the the driving so we decided to stay overnight in Tagaytay.  I thought at first it was a great idea seeing that we're in the Cavite-Batangas area.  What I didn't know was that we were coming from the other side of Batangas! LOL  

When I made the reservations I assumed we were touring the Tagaytay-Batangas area which meant our reservations at the MC Mountain Home Apartelle made sense.  But coming from the Provincial Capitol, it was taking the long way round to get to MC so we were even more tired upon arriving.  I think it was around 10PM already when we arrived and it was so chilly it was crazy!! 

It was also a good thing that the owners of MC were very accommodating and they held our reservation even though we were arriving late and we even got discounted rates! So thank you! :D  We were all too tired that after washing up, we fell asleep immediately LOL
The next day, we woke up to such a great view - Farmville! LOL

Since we really didn't have plans for going around town, we just savored the lovely and cool fresh air of the mountains :)  We had breakfast at the Main building - yummy!  After, we just went around the place taking lots of pictures along the way as you can see from the slideshow I embedded here. :)

We did have a bit of excitement while at the Apartelle.  While Dylan and I were out taking pictures, Patrick and Dana remained in the room.  When Dylan and I went back so we can take Dana with us outside, we found that the lock in the room was broken, with us not being able to get in and Dana and Patrick not being able to get out.  LOL  Dylan and I then went to the Main Building to report it and it was Danny, the owner himself who went out to help us.  He tested the lock and indeed it was broken!  He had to remove all those bamboo posts behind Dana to gain access to our room from the balcony.  

After being refreshed and relaxed, it was time to go.  On the way back to Manila, we stopped at the ROse and Grace Restaurant along the Sta. Rosa Highway.  You can't imagine the traffic going to Tagaytay that weekend.   I think it was because of a long weekend that vehicles going to Tagaytay were taking over the other lane rather indiscriminately causing massive traffic jams.  Oh where are those traffic enforcers when you need them??  Why can't drivers be disciplined enough to wait their turn??

Anyway, once we left several bottlenecks along the highway and we reached the SLEX, everything was a breeze :)

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  1. Dear Ms. Rachel
    Thank you for your blog about your stay at Mc mountain Home Apartelle.

    Danny M. Crisostomo


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