AAP 2nd Caravan - Last Stop: Provincial Capitol of Batangas

November 27, 2010

Before heading to the Provincial Town of Batangas, we passed by the Municipality of San Nicolas.  San Nicolas is recognized as a terminal point if you want to head to Volcano Island where you can visit the Taal Volcano National Park, the 1911 Crater Lake and the 1965 Crater.  While standing on the beach, Mayor Epifanio Sandoval gave a short speech on how we, as domestic tourists, can inspire other people to come and visit their locale to boost tourism and thus help their local economy.  

San Nicolas is also where you'll find the ruins of the Old Taal Church, the original church of Taal.  It was destroyed by several earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the ruins are all that remains from the old church.  It was rebuilt on a new location, the current Taal Basilica.

Our last stop was the Provincial Capitol of Batangas.  We were really pressed for time and the energy was lagging by this time.  We reached the Provincial Capitol around 7PM, around 3 hours behind schedule.  The kids were tired and cranky but we soldiered on.   .  Upon reaching the Capitol, we were pulled to it by the smell of Batangas Barako coffee :)  It was like what you see in cartoons, where you see the wisp of smoke beckoning you to enter :)  Patrick and Dylan headed straight for the Christmas tree and were pretending to be part of the Belen.  Dana, as you can see, thought it was all so foolish! LOL

We were all treated to Batangas native snacks and endless coffee! :) Dana loved the puto (which she had a lot of !)  Patrick loved the suman.  I just drank and drank the coffee hahahaha  The Press officer gave a short briefing about what the Province of Batangas has been doing.  There were some raffle prizes that were given away too :)

And that was the 2nd AAP Tour Caravan!!! It was tiring.  It was educational.  It was fun.  It was an adventure.  I sure hope we'll be invited to the next one! :) 

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