Dylan's First School Field Trip

September 9, dawned bright and early though too early for Dylan who was used to waking up at 8am :)  It's his first school field trip, and let me tell you, he was really excited for it.  He didn't give me a hard time when I had to wake him up at 5:30AM because they had to be in school at 6AM :)

Their first stop was at the SM Megamall branch of Pizza Hut.  Here's Bus #1 and Dylan walking on the overpass to get to the other side :)  Obviously, he was very excited and can't stop jumping while walking on the way! :D
At Pizza Hut, they were told the story of how Pizza Hut started and what other food chains are its sister companies (of course, that's more food for thought for the adults hehe).  The kids can't wait to start making their own pizzas although the organizers also planned a few games, like "Bring Me"and the "Longest Line" to get the kids in the groove :)  Participants get to win prizes too!

They got really amped up when they were given their chef hats and their aprons which signaled that they'll be cooking next!  It became even more chaotic when the servers brought out their ingredients.

They were making Hawaiian Pizza and those who can make it as close to the sample pizza will get a prize ;)  Dylan was so focused on  putting his ingredients that he was really oblivious to what's happening around him.  He was doing it slowly but surely despite other kids (and their parents) were rushing to finish the job :) I let Dylan do all of it by himself! :)  Next, they fell in line to put their pizzas in the oven and went back to their seats to wait.  Drinks were distributed so that the kids can eat their pizzas as soon as they came out :)

After Pizza Hut, we all headed straight to Goldlilocks along Shaw Boulevard.  Here only the kids and their teachers were allowed to tour around the cake factory.  They were instructed to wear hair nets and they were able to see how the cakes were made.  After that, they all trooped to another part of the building where they experienced decorating their own cake.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the waiting room (I must have been really tired, imagine having to wake up so early when we slept so late), and didn't have a chance to see how Dylan fared.  He did good though when I saw what he did and he must have been hungry still because the box was already half-empty LOL The funny thing was, we almost got left behind because Dylan had to poop! LOL It's kind of a ritual with him that after he eats, he poops hahaha Fortunately, the others were taking their time buying some Goldilocks products so even though they all left the building they still hadn't boarded the buses.  Whew! LOL

The last stop in the field trip was the Fun Ranch playground at Tiendesitas.  Though we had plenty of time to go around and have lunch at the Tiendesitas food court, we brought our own lunch.  But Dylan wasn't really hungry (blame it on the pizzas and cake) and he was more interested in getting to the play area.  He's been here before so he knows what to expect hehehe

Since we finished early, we took our time taking pictures and just walking off our lunch :)  Here are more pictures:

They had 2 hours of playing time in the Active Fun indoor playroom.  I can guarantee that it was tiring for him but more so for me!!  See, with as many as 40-50 kids running around and bigger kids having a tendency to bully their way through the area, you want to protect your kid, right?  Of course! So there I was following Dylan wherever he wanted to go.  I climbed, slid, crawled, got my butt stuck in a small crawl space, got stepped on by kids and that was the last straw.  I left him to his own devices and just monitored him from a safe distance LOL  After about an hour of playing, he soon got tired and wanted to leave.  So, I thought that was good because perspiring that much wasn't really good for him.  I changed his clothes, got him refreshed and we went outside and strolled around the area.  He rode the bumper cars, the plane ride but I drew the line on the carousel because that's a scary one!  It spins so fast you're going to get dizzy! LOL

It was a very fun but tiring day but it's a day that I don't regret because it gave me a chance to bond with Dylan.  It gave me lots of wonderful memories to look back on.  We took a lot of pictures not because we're required to create a scrapbook out of the experience but because I would have done otherwise even without that requirement :)  It's good that kids get a chance to play because they're kids!  It's also a chance to get to know your classmates to have fun with them!

I hope to have more of these as the kids grow older :)

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