Dana's First Christmas in School

December 2009 - This is Dana's first Christmas in her school.  It's a milestone that we as a family celebrated.  She was very excited because her class will be participating in the school's annual Christmas presentation and they have spent many hours rehearsing for it.  In fact, it's probably the first Tagalog song that Dana has ever sung! LOL

We printed a copy of the lyrics so she can practice at home.  We found a copy of the song, Kumukutikutitap and kept playing it at home and even in the car too.  While Dana was dancing and singing to it, Dylan will also jump in and sing and dance with her.. it was so funny and entertaining to watch LOL

Now, of course, as parents you know that you want to record your child's first dance on stage.  So, Patrick and I ended up borrowing my friend Idy's videocam for the event and we are ever so thankful to him for it (Thanks Idy!) This has actually led to a discussion about whether we should get one of our own (but that's a different story altogether hahaha)

In preparation, we also needed to buy Dana's costume consisting of a red shirt, a pair of white shorts, a Christmas hat that lights up and white gloves.  We ended up going to Divisoria, the source of all your goodies hehehe  On the day of the presentation, imagine my surprise when we couldn't find Dana's PE shoes that she was to wear for the dance.  We looked and looked and we couldn't find it anywhere!! We finally figured that since we performed a major clean-up at the house the last week, Dylan may have put the shoes in the trash bag that we filled with old shoes that were to be given away.  Man, those shoes were new and hardly been used!!   Dana ended up wearing a different pair of shoes..

Anyway... So armed with our videocam, our digicam and another digicam (in case of failure or batteries ending up dead for no reason) we headed to school...The video I have yet to rip from the DVD so here are some pictures instead..


The next day was their Christmas Party.  I was only planning to take a picture of her with her friends but their teacher played the Kumukutikutitap music and they all started lining up and dancing and I couldn't resist recording a video, so here it is:


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