A New Desktop PC

One of the things on my wish list is getting a new pc. Granted our old one wasn't broken yet but it was on its way there. I have to thank my brother Allan for sending our old one but I think PC's only last 5 years until they start to deteriorate especially if you use it a long time. The monitor was the first one to give up, then the CD-drive, then the hard drive.. you get the picture?

Oh and when Den and I decided to clean the 3-in-one Dell printer, guess what? it won't start anymore - the flimsy cables broke sheesh.. we got a clean scanner but a dead all-in-one LOL

So, instead of just buying a printer on its own, we just decided to get a new desktop and maybe get a discount on the printer as well if we include it in the purchase. We scanned and browsed many shops and I even looked at reviews of cheap-priced parts on the net.

We finally went with Dynamic PC in Gilmore and purchased our new desktop from them. I have to give props to Dynamic PC and their crew, especially Gene. He was very helpful and pleasant and attentive and great with multi-tasking! LOL Here are the specs of our new PC: Intel Core 2 Duo, 500 GB Hard Drive, 2GB Ram, a video card (sorry I'm not tehcnical about this hahaha), a 19" Viewsonic Widescreen monitor, an F4280 HP Deskjet (3-in-1), the usual keyboard, speakers and mouse, a Samsung DVDRW drive.. uhmm what else??oh we bought a Hard Drive enclosure for our old drive, from a Dynamic PC store in North Edsa on a different jaunt hahaha

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