Dana's first day in school

June 15, 2008 is a milestone in Dana's life (and come to think of it in ours as parents too). This was the first time that our daughter first set foot in the hallowed halls of learning :) Wow, that sounded so serious it's as if it wasn't me talking LOL

Well yeah, Dana is now 5 and she's now in Kinder II. Actually, their first day was supposed to be on June 08th but because of the A/H1N1 virus (swine flu to others), classes were postponed to give time for families to quarantine themselves if they've gone outside the country for a vacation. At first, we didn't know that the school moved the date of start of classes. Dana and I still went and when we reached the school, we were surprised to read the announcement. She was a little disappointed but kids bounce back so easily. She took it in a stride :)

I was still a bit antsy if I got everything that she needed and that I wasn't missing anything. Pre-school jitters are normal I guess especially for a first-time school parent hahaha This is kinda funny because I've done this school routine for my brother (you know this is true, Allan) and with my niece Den before. It's just that it's been so long and I'm kinda nostalgic that I'm now buying school stuff for my own kid.

On to June 15th. Dana had no problem waking up at 5:30am to get ready for school. She ate her breakfast (cereals) and her milk and then took a bath. She didn't have a uniform yet because the school ran out of it (weird!) so she was still in civilian clothes. Patrick and I were bringing her to school together. So, here she is in her classroom :)

We were finally able to buy her one set of uniforms by chance. So here she is :) Patrick brings her to school everyday because it's on his way to work. It's a good compromise because he gets to the office early and he can leave early too hahahha

I know that she's enjoying her time in school because by the time I pick her up and we walk home together, she can't stop talking about the things they've done. I know she even dreams about the activities when she sleeps hahahaha


  1. She's so cute! HOpe she continues to enjoy school.

  2. Hi Kris,

    Thanks Kris. She's enjoying it a lot and is getting a lot of "very good" stamps :)


  3. ang cute!!! big girl na talaga si dana! it's good to know she's enjoying school a lot :)


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