The tooth is gone!! bwahahahaha

Okay, I have just returned from the dentist's clinic and am so happy to report that the bad tooth.. the very bad tooth.. that has been plaguing me for exactly a week now is gone and laid to rest.. dum-dum-dum-dum..

Of course, I was apprehensive and nervous but I was showing a brave face because Dana was with me and I didn't want to traumatize her by being all shaky and anxious. She was in the room when it all happened :)

The doctor came in and checked again if he can indeed remove the tooth now. And, yes, he said, let's proceed. Then, he shot me with something (most likely anesthesia and Adrenalin was the third one, as I later found out). It felt like my face was swollen but Dana said nothing is different on my face.. the numbness was creeping in.. Dana didn't even get scared from the needle, she even said, "Wow, that's a different injection, Mama"

After 5-10 minutes, the doctor came back and started doing something again to my mouth.. I didn't feel a thing! It was only when Dana said, "Mama, what did he take from your mouth?!" that I had an inkling it was over. And it was over, and all my fears were for naught!

He showed me the tooth (for a second I wanted to take a picture so you guys can see it but I didn't want to gross you out hehehe) and it was creepy! hahaha The root was longer than normal, the doctor said, so again, my tooth was a mutant! I'm such a mutant! hahaha

After that, he prescribed some pain killers for after the anesthetic wears off and I have to call him again on Monday just to check in. After 10 days, I have another free check up scheduled :)

whew! I'm glad it wasn't so scary that time. :) Thanks Doc!

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