Learning while Writing

For the couple of years or so, I've been writing web content as a ghost writer and I've found it a good experience. I get to write (which I love), get paid (wish they paid higher), and learn at the same time! Because of this part-time work, I've been able to research on things that normally I wouldn't even dream of looking up.

For instance, for the past weeks, I've been writing travel articles. In the process, I've learned about many cities, their history and what makes them tick.. it makes me wish that I was so rich I can go to all of them at my leisure hehe

Like yesterday, I was doing an article about Jerusalem. During the research about its geography (I'm a stickler for details) I've stumbled upon the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I have heard of it on the news but I never really thought about it. So I searched some more (never mind that it's really background for the article on Jerusalem but I got intrigued). I'm sure that everyone has their own opinion about what's going on but I think it's a matter of letting go and moving on so that there'll be peace.. I know, easier said than done.. and you have years and years of history to bury and that's not easy..

Anyway, I'm glad I'm doing this writing thing. I learn something new everyday :)


  1. cool! would you mind sharing some sites where i can find decent article writing jobs? all that i'm getting these days are spamming jobs which i mostly decline.

  2. Isn't it fun to research sometimes? Have fun with the travel articles, I wish I could travel to a lot more places too. There are so many cities and contries to visit...I'll never get to them all.

  3. Mantiz, the only site that I can recommend, though I haven't personally tried any of their jobs is www.odesk.com

    Kris, I wish it wasn't too hard to get into the countries too.. I guess that's one hindrance for me :) oh and money too!

  4. Hi Rachel!

    I think that is awesome. I wish I could write great articles, and be paid good money for it. Haha, don't we all ya :)

    Have a happy Tuesday to you!

  5. Hi Nessa,

    Thanks for visiting :) Happy Tuesday to you too! :)


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