New additions to the blog

Okay I've added something new to my blog for my dear family, friends and fellow bloggers. I've always wanted to hear what you thought about my blog, about my posts and anything that you want to say, really! But I found out that leaving comments after a post is not enough. First, I don't know if you receive or read my reply and believe me I am compelled to reply and reciprocate the time that you spent on my blog. Also, it's kinda hard to look back on all the posts to look for one comment that you remembered, that you forgot to reply to.

Well, to fix that I added a recent comments widget so that I can see the (you guessed it) the most recent comments from the posts. It's a great widget because it also shows you who left you the comment and which post he was referring to.

Also, for those who don't feel comfortable using the comment function of the blog, I've added the Cbox chatbox so let me know how it works out for you guys :)

I do love to hear from you so keep the messages coming in!


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  1. I find the recent comments widget really helpful. I used to have the chatbox but I've taken it off since I get a lot spams.

    Have a great weekend! :)


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