A Nasty Weekend

This weekend was a blur to me.. Man, I've been cleaning the house like crazy!! It's doubly hard because everything is manual! I cleaned the house, did the laundry, changed the curtains, fixed my plants, etc. etc. etc.. and that was just Saturday LOL by the evening, I knew I was in big trouble because every little part of me ached, even my aches have aches and that's when I realized I really am getting old LOL

And then on Sunday, I tried to figure out how to expand my blog (in terms of margins) coz to me it felt squished, like sardines in a can.. so I surfed the Net and got good tips, it's like taking a crash course in HTML hahahaha and CSS too :) so I tried to edit it and voila.. I did it!! and that makes me feel so proud ! LOL even though it may sound like a no-brainer to most of you guys out there hahahaha so as you can see, the blog has more room, it doesn't strain your eyes LOL

The clincher to the day was in the evening. Dylan fell down the stairs while playing with Dana. Patrick tried to catch him but he was too late. He cried and cried, he busted his lips and he got a bump on the head.. it's kind of nerve-wracking because this is his first major "accident" and even his sister was traumatized.. we immediately put ice on his head, although that also made him cry even harder and staunched his bleeding mouth.. this happened around 10:30pm last night and we knew we can't let him sleep yet, so we all tried to keep him occupied and entertained. we were still observing him for some untoward signs in case we need to rush him to the emergency, but so far, nothing.. at around 1am, he's still full of energy...

today, we'll still keep him under observation.. and hope for the best..


  1. Oh, poor Dylan! Those falls can be terrifying for everyone. Hope he's okay. Get some rest. :)

  2. Yeah great work! You blog looks great indeed! And oh I hope Dylan's fine..:)

  3. Love the look of the blog Rachel! Poor Dylan.. hope is much better by now.


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