Sometimes, Life is so cruel!

Okay, so for the past week or so, I've found an online job that I liked and I've been paid immediately which was a good thing. It surely will cover my phone bill costs and at least have enough left to pay for my niece's books for college.

Well, lo and behold, the bank card that I used and where the money was deposited, malfunctioned. It didn't want to accept my PIN. I couldn't have possibly forgotten it because I use only PIN LOL I know it's bad practice but these numbers couldn't be related to me at all which is great but I can't easily forget them too hahahaha

But, now, it seems that the ATM machine wasn't working right because I couldn't have possibly made a mistake with my PIN.

Unfortunately, when I called the bank to check if I can change my PIN, since it doesn't seem to be working, I was informed that I had to change the bank card and that they don't allow for PIN changes. Naturally, this will take a week to get a new card and another 3 working days for my existing balance to get transferred to the new card and additional fee for the new card. Oh and the transfer isn't automatic! I still have to call them again to initiate the transfer! Oh man.. just when I needed the money and I was so happy that I'd gotten paid.. this is what happens..

Life is so cruel!!!

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  1. Awwwwww.... *hugs*

    Oh, btw, how do you go about getting an online job? Parang gusto ko din. Hehehe.


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