DSL at last!

Okay.. this probably sounds stupid as most people probably have DSL connections already but I'm excited because for a very long time we've had to be satisfied with dial-up and now for the first time, I'm posting from a DSL Connection!! woohoo!!!

Although, frankly, it doesn't seem to be too different hahahha I thought I'd be able to view websites in the blink of an eye but it doesn't seem to be that way.. hhahaha at least I can see major improvement in the download of my Naruto torrents hahaha the fastest speed I used to have was between 3kbps and 5kbps.. now it's running at 26kbps hahahahaha so I don't need to keep the PC on overnight just to finish downloading.. major savings on my electric bill, lemme tell you hahahha

Well.. let's see what else happens :)

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