Talked with Grandma

Yesterday, I decided to call my grandmother. I wasn't able to talk to her when my mom died because I figured it would too hard for the two of us to talk about. So I waited for a month and then I bought a prepaid call card (cozz it's cheaper for long distance calls!).

I tried calling her a weekend ago but nobody was answering the phone and all I got was the answering machine.

Well, I lucked out yesterday and I was finally able to talk to her. It's good to hear that she seems to be doing fine. There were moments in our conversation when we both got a little weepy which was understandable.. I for my mom and she for her daughter, whom she only had 6 years to get to know all over again... They've been separated when my grandmother and grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1978 (if I'm notmistaken). Since that time, my grandma only made one trip back, in 1993. They eventually saw each other in 2002, when my mom and brother made it to the US as well.

So, it's really hard for her to lose her eldest child in such a tragic accident. If I feel this much loss at losing my mother.. what can she be feeling at losing her child.. because no matter how old we are, we're still children to our parents.. and I can feel her loss and it breaks my heart.. First, my grandfather in 2005, now my mom in 2008. My mom's death was so unexpected that we're still reeling from it even after a month has passed....

It just felt good to be able to talk with my grandmother... and I think she felt a little relief too at talking with me.. I plan to talk with her regularly from now on..

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