Talk about Tired =)

Well, I had a burst of energy yesterday.. I woke up early, started rearranging stuff in the living room, started doing the laundry (thank God for washing machines LOL!), checked email, downloaded Naruto (dial-up takes soooo long!) did more Internet stuff... whew!!

If that wasn't enough, I started painting the railings of the stairs.. I started doing it about 2 weeks ako - sanded, cleaned them and primed them for paint but never got around to actually painting it until that day.. In my enthusiasm, I knocked over the can of paint and ended up painting 3 of the stairs hahahha they're black now.. fortunately, they're the stairs that lead out the door and the black paint suits them hahaha

It was so tiring!!

But when it was done, I felt extremely satisfied especially when Dana said, "Mama that looks nice!" :) what more can you ask for ? ;)

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