College is so Expensive!!

Oh my gosh! My niece, Den is graduating from high school this coming March 28. She's been looking at colleges and universities for quite some time now. At first, we were thinking she'll continue with UST (where she is right now) because she passed her entrance test for the IT course there. But, we just saw the table of fees and it costs almost P40K for one sem! At first I thought that was for one year already... was I mistaken.. hahahaha

Now, we're looking for an alternative school because her educational plan seems pretty useless compared to the amount of money involved.. Seems like educational plans now don't really help.. considering the cost of education..

Wish us luck! :D


  1. Zoiks! Didn't she take the UPCAT? If I remember correctly, mga around 9K per sem lang aabutin niya for the IT/Engg courses there. :)

  2. Unfortunately, she didn't pass - which is due to (a) the failing standards of UST (a number of her batchmates which took the UPCAT didn't make it) (b) more difficult UPCAT or (c) her unpreparedness for taking the test..


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